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Dr. Reilly DNP, RN
Great product!
"I am a registered nurse with a doctorate degree in nursing practice. As such, I have a real interest in products that give patients relief. I bought my original jar of penetrex for myself to relieve knee pain. This pain was caused by an irritation of a muscle that extended from my hip to my knee. The penetrex relieved the discomfort within three days. This products works better than anything I have tried."

Dr. Reilly DNP, RN

This is my 2nd time buying this cream. Works on my painful joints.
"Bought this basing on the 1,000+ positive reviews. I have been using it for the past few days & already I noticed that my Arthritis pain is greatly reduced.[...] The manufacturer, BIOMAX HEALTH PRODUCTS INC, sent me an email stating that I can get full refund ( no question ask) by returning the unused portion. This speaks alot about the company & the confidence of their product."


Great pain reliever, no odor, not greasy, and lasts a long time
"I have a number of problem areas (knee, shoulder, hand) that really hurt sometimes. Penetrex has been my go-to pain reliever. It really does the job without the risks associated with standard pain pills. I like it so much I've purchased it as gifts for two friends who have hip and back problems. It's not greasy, is easy to apply, lasts a long time, has no odor, and does a marvelous job of relieving pain."


Cynthia P.
Chronic joint pain in my feet, hands and neck from assisting in cardiac surgery
"I have psoriatic arthritis and have very swollen bilateral achilles tendons and plantar fasciitis. I stand in the operating room all day assisting in cardiac surgery. When I get home at night, I massage Penetrex into my feet and hands and obtain relief to sleep well and start all over again the next day. My massage therapist rubs Penetrex into my feet and neck with each visit (2x/month). I have tried a lot of different products and this works the best!"

Cynthia P.

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