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J Sanchez
 My Mom Thanks You :)
"This is one truly helpful therapy cream. Penetrex helps control my mothers arthritis flare ups. It aids in my mothers comfort in just a few minutes and gives me peace of mind. Thank you BioMax Health Products for a real product that works!"

– J Sanchez

Wayne Schafer
 Penetrex works very well on my sore knees.
"...after 2 days of use I find the condition has greatly improved. hope that continued use will allow my 85 year old knees to resume my daily walk. Update: Now 4 months later I continue to get good relief with Penetrex..."

– Wayne Schafer

Rick Garr
 I wouldn't start a day without Penetrex
"Penetrex is by far the best product I have ever used for my arthritis joint pain. It is a godsend. I am 71.5 years old and fairly active, work full-time..."

– Rick Garr

Duke Boys
 Helped Me Thru My First Marathon
"I had a strained achilles tendon from training too hard and fast. The Penetrex really seemed to ease my soreness without the typical greasy feeling or terrible smell of most muscle creams."

– Duke Boys

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