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PENETREX® Pain Relief Therapy, 2 Oz.

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pain relief best seller in Pain Relief


Penetrex Jars - PENETREX® Pain Relief Therapy, 2 Oz.
Penetrex Jars - PENETREX® Pain Relief Therapy, 2 Oz. PENETREX® Pain Relief Therapy, 2 Oz. PENETREX® Pain Relief Therapy, 2 Oz. PENETREX® Pain Relief Therapy, 2 Oz. PENETREX® Pain Relief Therapy, 2 Oz.

$ 18.98 $ 24.95

pain relief best seller in Pain Relief

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Top 5 Penetrex Questions:

Apply Penetrex liberally to the affected area(s) and continue to massage in thoroughly for a minute or two until you can see that it has been absorbed through the skin. The appropriate amount of Penetrex to use on each occasion should be enough so that the product massages in smoothly & comfortably over the entire area.

Repeat this 3 to 4 times per day over an initial period of at least 7 to 10 days and thereafter on an as needed basis.

Penetrex is a topical anti-inflammatory treatment that should be applied directly to external areas where you experience discomfort (pain, tingling, numbing, etc.) that is a result of the inflammation of muscles, nerves, ligaments and tendons.

If you have traditionally experienced pain from your particular ailment through the night, you may find it helpful to massage Penetrex into the problem area(s) just before you turn in for the evening.

Similarly, if you experience discomfort when engaging in a particular activity (e.g.: playing an instrument, exercising, etc.) Penetrex should be applied in the manner mentioned above approximately a half-hour before you begin the activity and then again afterwards.

As symptoms improve, reduce the frequency of applications accordingly to maintain relief and as a preventative measure. Many users have reported that over time Penetrex provides them with more "efficient" relief...requiring fewer applications while achieving quicker and more predictable results.

With over 2 million jars of Penetrex having been distributed since it was introduced, there have been no reports of recurring incidents which would indicate a common occurrence of any negative reaction to the product.

This is not surprising since all of the ingredients in Penetrex are extremely well known and have been widely accepted by medical practitioners. Penetrex is effective AND safe.

No it does not. Penetrex is not a pain killer. Artificially hiding the pain of any Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), be it Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, etc., is never recommended. In most cases, artificially masking the pain of an RSI will actually result in further damage.

Penetrex reduces discomfort and aids in the healing process by addressing the source of the problem itself, inflammation.

The active ingredients in Penetrex in conjunction with its emulsification process reduces the inflammation of muscles, nerves, ligaments & tendons.

Penetrex also aids in promoting healthy blood circulation in the affected area and improves critical nerve function.

We have clients who call or e-mail us literally the next day after they have begun their treatment with Penetrex to express their disbelief at how quickly and how effectively it provided them with relief.

At the same time, we also have clients who report back to us that they had begun to lose faith having used the product for a couple of weeks before they finally turned the corner on their ailment.

The fact is, no two cases of inflammation are exactly alike from a physiological standpoint. Add to this the reality that no 2 individuals use Penetrex in precisely the same manner and no two human bodies assimilate and react to Penetrex in exactly the same way.

For these reasons it is inappropriate to establish time frame expectations. Users should expect that if they use Penetrex as recommended (see above) they will obtain noticeable relief from symptoms within a week or so. From that point the condition will continue to improve with continued usage.

Most clients find that using Penetrex on its own as directed provides the healing benefits and relief they desire.

Nevertheless, Penetrex is currently being incorporated into overall treatment programs by end users as well as medical professionals worldwide who have found it to be an excellent compliment to other approaches including oral medications & prescriptions, orthopedic products, physical therapy and ultrasound.

Penetrex is a product that allows each individual to develop their own safe & unique regimen that works best for them...on its own or as an invaluable member of a multi-treatment approach.

Customer Reviews

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Happy Feet!

I've been using Penetrex for several years now and I am very pleased with the results. I have Mortens Neuroma in both of my feet and have tried many options to lessen the pain to no avail until I found Penetrex. I apply it to my feet before I go to work (on my feet most of my shift) and have relief for about 6 hours. I wish it was more convenient to reapply at work. I also use it at night before bed for additional relief, feet, knees.shoulders, wherever needed. Great product and I have recommended it to several co-workers and customers. Thanks.


Have Osteo Arthritis of Hips requiring replacements so whilst waiting for surgery I used this product with scepticism and now cannot speak more highly of it.I have recommended Penetrex to several friends.I used it in conjunction with Pain killer tabs and was able to virtually pain free all night.

Used for axillary web syndrome

I developed axillary web syndrome after my mastectomy, Penetrex was a soothing rub to use when massaging the cords.


I have been using Penetrex for more then two years. I am 78 year old with severe arthritis due to loss of all cartilage in both shoulders. I receive shots in each shoulder every 4 months or so. They do help but I still have a great deal of pain daily. Penetrex eases this pain quickly from the very beginning. I also have some arthritis in my neck and knees, so I use Penetrex there also. I mean this sincerely, this product has been a blessing to me. I am able to work part time as a host in a restaurant where I also help with bussing tables. I couldn't do this job without my Penetrex. I have recommended it to everyone and many have thanked me introducing it to them. I urge you to give This product a try. Use as suggested and you hopefully will get the help I have gotten. It is worth paying a little more then over the counter products I have previously used. A little goes a long way.

Yeah, it's that good. If you have joint or muscle pain, this stuff is a must have!

I tell you what, this product is amazing, and it flat out works! This cream goes on easily and cleanly, is not greasy or sticky, and is nearly odorless. I'd disagree with anyone who says it is odorless, but the odor is extremely faint and quite neutral. My wife is extremely sensitive to smells, and this product does not bother her at all. I use this on me to combat recurring neck and shoulder pain as well as lower back pain, and it is simply the VERY BEST product I have ever used to treat pain. After flying F-16 fighter jets for 20 years, my body has taken a beating and pain is common. My flight doctors have had me on countless pain treatments regimens, but this right here is the best I've tried and I tell you it is worth every single penny.
This product also helps my wife. She gets tension migraines, but we have found that applying this product to her neck and shoulders when she feels a migraine coming on sometimes actually prevents the migraine, or GREATLY reduces the severity and length of her migraines.
I was skeptical when I first purchased this product, but the online reviews persuaded me to give it a try. I am so very thankful I did, because this stuff FLAT OUT WORKS!

Then I saw Penetrex here and all those nice reviews just thought give it try

I have the lower back and left leg pain (sciatica) for about a month now. and I couldn't get out of bed for three weeks, the pain was so severe that the painkiller from doctor's prescription does not even work on me. The pain woke me up a couple of times each night and it's continuously, no stop. But my appointment to see the spinal specialist is still a few days away. I was crying of the pain.
Then I saw Penetrex here and all those nice reviews just thought give it try. It arrived this afternoon, my boyfriend put it on my back and leg. In a short time, I can feel my leg and pain reduced. I still could not get out of my bed, but I feel less pain when I am laying on the bed.
I will continue using it, it's amazing. You can't imagine how happy I am now to able to close my eyes and sleep without the severe pain.
Thank you!


This stuff really WORKS! I have bad scoliosis with chronic lower back muscle tightness, my "hump" I call it. The pic attached is an XR of my spine. I receive nerve blocks and nerve burns. I have tried ALL the prescribed external lotion, ointments, etc. Like Voltaren gel, lidocaine patches, bactroban, and even a special compound cream that only a few pharmacist in the US make. And believe me....this works better then all that other crap. Plus a heck of alot cheaper. Being an RN that works 12 hours shifts, I'm on my feet most of the day and bending, lifting, etc...not the best for my "broke back", I know. But I rub this on my "hump" first thing in the morning, let it dry before I even put on a shirt, then I'm good to go for the rest of the day. Not pain free but I can definitely tell when I forget to rub it on. BUY IT! won't be disappointed! AAAAA++++++

Helps with Achilles and Plantar

I bought this mostly(desperately) to help with my plantar fasciitis and it actually worked. I did the initial treatment and noticed a significant different by day 8, it has allowed me to hike with significantly less or no pain. There has been no change to my daily routine except using this. Now I just use it on my hike days and I've been happy. I would suggest giving it a try if your plantar fasciitis won't go away, make sure to follow the directions for use. My Achilles tendon benefitted also, I get less burning and can stretch with less pain. I added the photo because Penetrex makes it so I can hike to places like this much more comfortably.

Miracle Cream from Heaven

I tried this & started working right away. I had no pain! I just couldn't believe how well this really worked. I have arthritis pain in my foot and it had been swelling up. So I figured over 15,000 almost 5 start reviews could be wrong. So in figured why not take a chance. I'm sad I waited so long to try it! Is been a month and had only applied it like 3 times on weeks apart. I haven't had any pain since. I didn't hesitate to send my mom some because she took suffered from arthritis pain. However, she had a prescription for creme from her seen Dr.she said cost $50 and it was a small tube. She tried it and couldn't believe how fast and well it worked. We called it a miracle from heaven, God answered both of our prayers for relief from our pain. Then my mother in law saw me putting it on one day she visited and asked me what it was. I told her, she ordered some because she was having knee issues. She called me after she talked to her Dr. to make sure it was OK for her to use this creme and he OK'd her to use it and staid same thing. She said she ordered the 6 pack because it was the"miracle cream" for relieving pain! Then while on vacation was when my mother in law called and thanking me., my brother in law said he had over issues too and he came to hotel room and tried it out and couldn't believe it began to work as soon as he put it on! Add we walked the boardwalk he kept saying he couldn't believe how well it was working! We all came into agreement it is "The Miracle Pain Cream from Heaven". I highly recommend! Don't wait or doubt this will work, it really does!

Miracle Product! Pain gone in 3 days

I injured my hand on a sharp piece of metal during competition. Ever since then when I move my fingers and thumb simultaneously I feel a sharp stabbing pain. I just had learned to live with it.
My girlfriend bought this cream for me and told me to apply it to that painful area on my hand. I started using it but thought it was just for the skin. Three days later I noticed the pain was completely gone. THREE DAYS. I am not making this up. This is a miracle product. Doctors should be prescribing Penetrex to their patients instead of poisonous pain killers.