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PENETREX® - Large 4 Oz. (3-Pack)

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Nina R. Simmons
The Best I've Found

I was in a minor car accident where my knee was injured. Found Penetrex and that with therapy seemed to heal my knee. A few years later, another accident totalled our car and both knees took a beating. Being older with A-Fib, the orthopedic surgeon did not recommend surgery so back to Penetrex. I have tried numerous meds, creams, lotions, and other OTC products. Always go back to Penetrex. Nothing has eased the constant pain, even sleeping at night, like Penetrex.

joseph v pasquarello

Very effective

Patricia Williams
really pleased with this item.

Have found this cream to be the best I have used. Have muscle/ tendon torn off inright arm. Left on doesnot work due to stroke. recommend it for back soreness as well. waiting for my next order

Karl Schmidt
Really agreat product

I had Orthoscopic surgery years ago. Three years ago I noticed a pain in my right knee. An MRI discovered most of my cartilage is gone, causing bone on bone rubbing when I walk. I didn't want a knee replacement. I heard about Penetrex and decided to try it. I've been using it for about three years, and it really does relieve the pain . It relieves my inflammation almost 100%.It takes a few days to actually start to notice the effect. This is one product that you can trust.

Darlene Harbeck
Penetred inflamation

Awesome ptoduct