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PENETREX® - “Trio” Bundle – The Complete Solution!

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Ellen Brock
I Don’t go with out this stuff.

We love PENETREX. Our daughter got us started us on it. Really does an amazing job. Not a bunch of bad stuff in this.

Donna T
I Highly Recommend This Product !!!!

I've been suffering from sciatica and aggravated it with exercise. I was in a lot of pain and could barely walk. The label says that it's for inflammation and I liked the ingredients, so I bought it. Penetrex works GREAT!!!. It's the only product that either reduced or eliminated the pain for long periods of time, up to eight (8) hours. I am able to work and bring it with me to use when I need it. I just ordered two more 4 oz jars!!!!


I’m grateful to my daughter that bought this cream for me I was miserable with neuropathy in my feet and legs cramps at night due to diabetes and fibromyalgia... and this works great... now I can sleep ... thanks to this company for made such a good product

Peter Bell
Good product

The effects are hard to judge because in time the discomfort does not seem to reappear after application. After a while I realize that there is no...or less ....discomfort.

Horrible Leg Pain

I had leg pain from my hamstring to my ankle. Tried this and it worked amazing for me. It's only been three days now, but the pain has greatly diminished and I do not have to use any wraps, compression sleeves, other topical pain relievers or even over the counter anti inflammatory medicine. I found this by accident and it has worked wonders for me.

Everyone is different, but if you have pain and have tried everything else, I would recommend trying this, It will be the relief you have been looking for.