Collection: New Pain Relief Formula Taking Amazon By Storm

"Tennis elbow actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise."

Yep, that's right. The nagging little syndrome had reared it's ugly head after an extra long kayaking trip we took last spring...Almost 7 hours worth of paddling!

We are avid kayakers but last year was an eventful one so consequently it had been almost 2 years since we had last ventured out on the water. After that day and subsequent days elapsed, my right elbow had become a real pain.

I try to avoid taking pain killers but try NOT using your right arm for the weeks, often months necessary for a tendon to heal! Impossible!

It hurt when I lifted the garbage, the laundry basket and heck it even hurt to type on my computer!

I perused the internet looking for solutions to my problem and a plethora of formulas popped up beckoning my trust (some of which I had tried on past injuries), but I was unimpressed or turned off by most of their ingredients.

I had learned some time back that Arnica Montana was a fantastic anti-inflammatory herb and I was looking for a product where that was one of the first on the list.

Then (actually on a Kayaking website) I read where tennis elbow is common in kayakers who 1 - either grip their paddle too tightly and don't pivot their torso enough, 2 - don't maintain the proper angle when paddling and 3 - using a paddle with too large a blade.

All good advice, however it was too late to take heed.

Then in the comment section I happened on a post by another kayaker about his own long and disabling bout with tennis elbow -- AND -- his discovery of Penetrex.

After reading his brief story in praise of Penetrex and his speed of recovery I was eager to find out more, so I scoured the internet reading reviews of the product and was convinced that I should order some.

The small box arrived and within 2 minutes I had opened the box, removed the lid and began applying the smooth white cream.

A fresh, minty smell pleased my nostrils as I rubbed it in.

Almost immediately after there was so much improvement in the soreness that I actually FORGOT the pain I normally felt when I dug the dog's dry food out of its container that evening.

I was elated and in a couple weeks the distracting pain was history.

It felt well enough that I was able to start doing the stretching exercises that were recommended for restrengthening the tendons in the forearm.