Collection: Biomax Health Products, Inc.

Biomax Health Products, Inc., founded in 1998, has established itself as a leader in the distribution of topical pain and inflammation relief products. We are committed to bringing you the safest and most effective pain relief that regulated natural medicine has to offer.

We are dedicated to providing excellent adjunct treatments to health professionals in supporting primary care. Our work focuses on the soft-tissue systems of the body including joints, nerves, tendons, bursa, ligaments, and muscles

In collaboration with physicians, chemists & compound pharmacists we are helping deliver compelling approaches for debilitating disorders such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis & golfer's elbow, tendonitis, bursitis and lower back pain, as well as providing relief from sports and work related trauma injuries

Our flagship product, Penetrex, represents a true breakthrough in topical anti-inflammation therapy. It offers sufferers a safe and effective alternative to oral anti-inflammatories, NSAIDs, cortisone shots and other invasive and expensive treatments

Adopted for use by tens of thousands of clients worldwide, Penetrex is manufactured in an FDA certified laboratory in Southern California under the supervision of the Chemist who originally formulated it

Biomax Health Products, Inc. is the exclusive worldwide distributor of Penetrex

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