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The answer is quite simple, you see... Penetrex is NEW!

In fact, the story of Penetrex began when its inventor (Robert Farb) set out to find a cure for his wife. As a Dental Hygienist committed to her career, Pamela spent years overworking her wrist which led to a severe case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

robert farb

HER PAIN WAS EXCRUCIATING! ...and fear of losing her job compelled Robert to search far and wide for anything to help get her life back.

Drugstore creams never worked and doctors could only recommend unsafe options like prescription drugs. Even surgery wasn’t guaranteed to work. Robert wanted something for Pamela that didn’t just help with pain but also to heal & repair, WITHOUT harmful side-effects.

But, he found NOTHING! ...Until by chance they were referred to a specialist. The doctor carefully listened to Pam describe her pain and then turned and walked to a shelf. He grabbed a small jar of something and handed it to her.

She looked inside the jar and discovered an odorless white cream. Skeptical, she applied a small amount to her wrist...

Within seconds tears welled up in her eyes, as the relief from pain overwhelmed her with joy. ROBERT WAS SHOCKED!!! Here, hidden in an obscure doctor’s office was this “miracle” healing formulation.

As it turned out, the main ingredient was an ancient flower with powerful healing properties called Arnica. Surprisingly, this “miracle flower” had already been in use in Europe for HUNDREDS OF YEARS!

Up till that point, the doctor only shared his formula with walk-in clients and wasn’t interested in selling it. After all he was a doctor, not a salesman.

But Robert felt differently. With the doctor’s permission, he built an online store and shared this “miracle cream” with the world!

Over the next several years Robert would spend countless hours on the phone chatting with THOUSANDS of clients. He took orders, answered questions and even researched their suggestions about additional make the product even BETTER!

Then one day, after hearing the same suggestion over and over again, Robert came to a realization,

“This formulation is missing 2 critical ingredients!”

1. The first was Vitamin B6, to suppress the inflammatory response and heal damaged nerves, resulting in a healthier nervous system.*[Source]
vitamin b6
2. The second was MSM (DMSO2), to restore flexibility and permeability to cell walls allowing fluids to pass through the tissues to reduce inflammation and eliminate the cause of pain.*[Source]

msm methylsulfonylmethane

But there was one HUGE problem. The doctor wasn’t interested in improving the formula.

Robert’s hands were tied. So he took a risk...

He drove to Los Angeles for a very important meeting with a renowned Chemist whose background was in transdermal formulations.

The Chemist agreed,

“The addition of these ingredients will provide more POWERFUL relief that works FASTER and lasts even LONGER!”

He also insisted,

”This new formulation can be significantly more effective with its own unique Delivery System. Without one, active ingredients get trapped in the outer layers of the skin and never penetrate deep enough to address the toughest pain & inflammation.”

So the Chemist developed a new Delivery System utilizing a pharmaceutical-grade “penetration enhancer” known for its ability to carry ingredients through both the water-phase AND oil-phase of the skin. *[Source]

brilliant chemist

“This new delivery system will carry a significantly higher percentage of ingredients to the site of the injury and be able to penetrate deeper than ever before.”

So, in honor of the brilliant chemist's "penetration enhancing" breakthrough, Robert named this NEW formulation Penetrex.

After several months of selling Penetrex alongside the original formulation, it became clear that ALL of Robert's existing clients were making the switch to Penetrex!

In order to help spread the word about this brand new Breakthrough Formulation, a limited number of consumers are able to purchase a full size bottle for $5 off the already low regular price. Don't worry - this is not a subscription, so you will never be auto-billed. This is for a 1-time purchase only.

You can try an entire roll-on bottle. Penetrex is 100% guaranteed, so if you don't love it, you'll get a full cash back refund.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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