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Great stuff!
By Barbara Smith on December 10, 2015
Both my husband and I love this stuff for our pain. He has had 5 back surgeries and, when he is hurting, this helps. Me, I have osteo bad enough to have had 3 joints replaced, this cam works wonders on the joints and muscles aches both. i even gave a bottle to someone to try out. Haven't heard back yet, but i am confident it helped.
best pain relief cream out there
By mslisa on December 10, 2015
been using this product for some time now , and i recommend it to people i know who have injuries , muscle , or tendon pain even bone pain . i use it all the time and id recommend it to anyone to use over any other pain cream
By Daphne Moeller on December 9, 2015
This stuff is like GOLD. I did not like ingesting so much anti-inflammatory medication. This cream does the trick!
Highly recommended. Good gift choice for parents.
By Sunny on December 9, 2015
Mom loves it and worth referral to friends. Good gift option for elders. My mom's wrists were hurt in an accident a few years ago but do feel relief after using it. Will buy another one after she finished this bottle. Price is awesome for such a big bottle. Love it and definitly will buy again for families.
Excellent Alternative to Drugs for Arthritis Pain
By EdB on December 9, 2015
We are on our second jar of this ointment. I use it for my arthritis on my ankle and my wife uses it on her toes which were injured in a fall. It is not greasy and requires a small portion of cream applied three times a day. It takes a day or so work but relieves minor pain. We use it instead of oral pain killers. Surprised my doctor didn't proscribe this product.